Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rantings From The Sleep Deprived

I had a long day and night on Saturday, drinking until late. I woke up Sunday and today feeling like crap and am in sleep deprivation mode. I think this is a good time to get some stuff off my chest:

- Why is Rob Charry allowed to talk about sports on the radio? Is there anyone less entertaining and less informed than Charry in the local Philadelphia market? This is the best we can do here? Really? Come to think of it, is WIP really all that relevant anymore? The morning show is really a one-trick pony sort of show (that trick being the Eagles) and the mid-day show is just OK. Hey Steve Martarano! Steve Fredericks called. He wants his radio schtick back. And then there is the unlistenable Howard Eskin. The only show on 'IP that I feel I must listen to is the Saturday Show with Glenn MacNow and Ray Didinger.

- Why does the Philadelphia Inquirer, supposedly the "paper of record" in Philly, have so few really good sportswriters? There's Tim Panaccio, maybe Jim Salisbury, and who else? Maybe Bob Brookover. Where is today's Sal Pal? Where's Frank Dolson? Bill Lyon? If Stephen A. Smith is considered the star of the Inquirer sports page, then we are in trouble.

- How the fuck does Abraham Nunez swing the bat on Saturday night after watching Derrick Turnbow throw 6 straight balls in the Eighth inning? Abe, that is why you will NEVER start in the big leagues.

- More power to all of those people showing up at Eagles training camp this year, but there was no fucking way you were going to get me to sit around in 90+ degree heat with 20,000 other people in cramped bleachers to watch practice, unless it was the Eagles cheerleaders doing the practicing.

- Gary Sheffield is an arrogant prick. How do I know? I finally saw the "Inside Sports" with the segment about Gary Sheffield, where he accused Joe Torre of treating African-American players differently from the rest of the team. I also saw the Bob Costas show on HBO that had Victor Conte associate Patrick Arnold. I just recently listened to the audio book version of "Game of Shadows". After ingesting all of this information, I've come to the conclusion that Sheffield is either a liar, an idiot, or he lies and thinks we're idiots. Does anyone really believe he had no idea what he was putting into his body when he started working out with Barry Bonds? The quote "Steroids is something you shoot in your butt" will live in internet infamy. Also - it's obvious that Joe Torre simply did not like Gary Sheffield as a person or a player. That doesn't make Joe Torre a racist. It just means he came to the same conclusion that Milwaukee, San Diego, Florida, Atlanta, and Los Angeles already came to in letting go or trading the talented slugger: that Gary Sheffield is an arrogant prick.

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