Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brett Myers: WTF?

There is a list of folks Brett Myers should consider sending "Thank You" cards to:

1.) Ryan Howard
2.) The Flyers Organization
3.) The Sixers Organization

He should send the Flyers and Sixers the "Thank You" cards because both Winter teams made the playoffs such that a segment of the Philadelphia fan population was more drawn in by the playoff stylings of those teams rather than following baseball religiously for the first 6 weeks of the season.

He should thank Ryan Howard because the struggles of the former MVP have been so epic and monumental, that his struggles have drawn the lion's share of the early season Phillies analysis. The Howard Slump has drawn every conclusion from trading RyHo to sending him to the minors. I don't think it's out of line to state that the struggles of Ryan Howard has been one of the biggest Phillies stories of the early going.

These other things have given Brett Myers a ton of cover under which to work through his early season struggles without having the judgemental glare of the fanbase on his every move. Does anyone remember the story earlier this year where pitching coach Rich Dubee felt that Myers' arm wasn't strong enough because he doesn't "long toss"?

Well, Brett, as it appears the end for the Flyers is upon us, and you have until your next start to get your head on straight. Howard may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel, as he hit a homer last night (his 8th) and has hit in each of his last 6 games.

So by the time that Brett Myers pitches again, it is very likely the spotlight will by on Myers to perform up to standards or have this situation blow up to the point where it becomes a bigger deal in the media and amongst fans.

As for last night, it was more of the same for Brett Myers: 4.1 IP, 8R, 6 ER

It was bad from the start; Myers gave up two first inning home runs and proceeded to give up runs in the first 3 innings, before finally, mercifully, getting pulled in the 5th inning.

When Myers left the game, the Phils were down 8 - 0. Because the Phils seem to have the most resilient offense in the league, they were able to put 6 runs up on the board to make the final score 8 - 6, but the fact remains that Myers never even gave this team a chance to be in the game. The scary part? No one, especially Myers, seems to know what the problem is.

There is the whole "bullpen" theory. The guy was a starter his whole career last year until he got talked into closing last year. Could that have messed him up? Possibly. They talked during the telecast about how John Smoltz mentioning that he prepared more rigorously, from a physical aspect, when he knew he was starting. Did Myers come into the season out of shape? He doesn't exactly look like a physcial speciman, so you could almost agree with that assessment.

Regardless, Myers better have a salad or two, because by the next time he starts, it's very likely the Phils will be the only game in town.

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