Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Eagles Drafted a WHAT??!!??

Take a good look at the picture I added with this post. This is the next QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles, who shocked fans by trading out of the first round with Dallas (of all teams), then completely mortified their entire fanbase by taking a quarterback with their high second round pick obtained from the Cowboys. Many observers, including myself, predicted the Eagles would draft defensive help with this draft in order to make a run at the Super Bowl. Drafting a QB was the last thing on the minds of many of the Eagle faithful. Afterall, this was the one position that most observers felt the Eagles were most secure. McNabb was expected to be back for the season opener, with AJ Feeley and veteran Kelly Holcomb to back him up. Seems like a solid roster of QBs, right? Apparently, Eagle management is not impressed as Andy Reid is already looking at an Eagles future without Donovan McNabb. How will this reverberate through Eagle-dom?

1.) You will hear about the Eagles unexpected pick of a quarterback A LOT from now until the season begins. I cannot stress this enough. Talk radio will get so much mileage out of this, it will make your ears bleed to listen.

2.) How will McNabb take this? Clearly, if past history is to be believed, he'll take it as a slap in the face. He finds disrespect in the smallest of perceived slights. This is not just some perceived swipe at McNabb...this is a blast of cannonade across his bow. I'll bet he'll be cool on the outside, but absolutely apoplectic on the inside. He's probably doing everything in his power to keep Mama McNabb away from her computer so she won't blog about it.

3.) This pick will piss off a fanbase who largely wanted defensive reinforcements to make a Super Bowl run this year. Drafting a QB who will not start this season may signal that Eagle Management has already given up on this season.

4.) Which backup QB will stay with the Eagles? Holcomb or Feeley? Smart money says Feeley.

5.) Lastly, how long will it be before they turn the reins over to this guy? I say two years. By then, McNabb will be 32 years old and have 10 years in the league. It is thought that as much as McNabb has meant to the franchise, he's not getting any younger, and has lost several games over the past 4 seasons to injury. A good example of what McNabb leaving Philly might look like might be to look towards Tennesee, who unceremoniously jettisoned Steve McNair after several years of quality work.

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