Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odds and Ends

- No sooner do I write a flattering post about Ryan Madson than does he give up not one, but two back breaking home runs in the late innings of the first two games of the season. Thanks, Ryan. Thanks a lot!

- Speaking of Ryan Madson, he claims that he didn't make a bad pitch the whole night during the game last night against the Braves where he gave up the winning homerun in the top of the 11th inning. Memo to Ryan Madson: Anytime you give up the winning homerun.....THAT'S a bad pitch.

- I know Mike York scored a goal the other night for the Flyers to tie their game with Toronto, but he has no business playing in the NHL from what I can tell. He has the reputation for being a good energy player, but he has no discernible skills and has seemed to lack energy since he's been with the Flyers. He looks very weak on the puck and easy for opposing defenders to push around. The fact that we traded a serviceable center like Randy Robitaille for this guy does not make that trade look good at all. Even if you want to argue that he's an NHL calibre player going through a rough year, I don't want him on the Flyers next year.

- I haven't said much about the Eagles because frankly, I think it's premature to comment on an NFL team during the free agent period and before the draft takes place. Now that it looks like the Eagles are done in free agency (they had Mike Doss in for a visit, but he signed with the Vikings) my next article will concentrate on the Eagles and their comings and goings.

- The Sixers beat the Knicks last night, but the bigger news is that with the spate of success the Sixers have enjoyed lately, they are tied with the 8th worst record in the NBA. Clearly, they are not in Greg Oden contention anymore, but hopefully, a good big man like Florida's Al Horford can fall to the Sixers with the 8th pick.

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