Monday, August 04, 2008

Philadelphia Fandom According to Buzz

Say what you want about Buzz Bissinger, but the guy is just a tremendous writer.

Case in point: the op-ed piece he did on Saturday for the New York Times the futility that is being a Philadelphia fan is about as well-written of a piece on the subject you'll ever read. (link copped from

Not only was it an honest treatment of Philadelphia sports fans (we don't always behave well, let's be honest), but he managed to describe the mania we feel in such a way to elicit affirmative nodding throughout the whole piece from AND he got a tremendous shot in on New York fans (bold emphasis mine):

Contrary to the tired rap Philadelphia sports fans get as being seriously deranged maniacs, the vast majority of them are smart and discerning. They do have an inviolate demand of players that they go at after it hard, which fewer and fewer do, which is why their frequent booing is utterly appropriate.When it comes to knowledge, they make New York fans look like one big, collective Borat. Mets fans have cross-eyed looks of imminent criminality; Yankee fans are the most arrogant in the solar system; Giant fans are backstabbers; Jets fans are, well, Jets fans; and anybody who cares about the Knicks and Rangers needs immediate intervention.

Another plus? Not one tired "throwing snow balls at Santa" reference.

Thanks Buzz. Now, please go to work on figuring out how to write the expose' on the sham that is Phillies ownership such that they feel compelled to sell and have Pat Croce can come back and finally take over that franchise.

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