Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Flyers Are Annoying On And Off the Ice

I want to get to get this Flyers rant out of the way. I want to say nice things about the Sixers coming up big against Detroit on the road and I don't want to co-mingle the stink around the Flyers franchise right now with the Sixers, who, however flawed, still manage to come out with strong efforts night in and night out. I will violate my own "one post per day" rule for the Sixers later today.

How the fuck could they drop two in a row to the Maple Leafs? The Leafs are dead team walking; their star player, Mats Sundin, went out after the 1st period of last night's game. They were ripe for the beating.

The Flyers' insistence on taking dumb penalties will almost certainly cost them in the playoffs. Scott Hartnell and Joffrey Lupul took two of the dumbest penalties I've ever seen.

Also, could Martin Biron have given up a goal softer than the one he gave up to Ian White to start the game? That was just a demoralizing goal to give up and frankly, I think this team is too fragile to have your goaltender give up softies like that one.

Let's just right now that I don't see this team going too far in the playoffs.

Now, let's get to issues off of what the Flyers did off of the ice to piss me off. The team announced yesterday that they decided to raise ticket prices for next year.

There is only one reaction to this announcement: complete outrage. How in the hell can you, not too far removed from a lockout that provided you with cost certainty, claim that you need more money? Furthermore, the franchise is one year removed from being the worst team in the league and frankly, after last night's performance, they are by NO means a lock to make the playoffs.

So, help me to understand how you need MORE money to fund a team that could possibly go TWO years in a row NOT making the playoffs

As a Season Ticket Holder, I received an invitation to go to a town hall style meeting for next week (March 20th, I think). After this money increase, it should be high comedy to hear these guys justify a ticket price hike.

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