Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phils Prospects and other stuff.....

- Keith Law posted the top 5 prospects for each organization in his blog back in January (article available via ESPN Insider). Always find it relevant at the beginning of each year to see who we should be monitoring in the minors. He sees the Phils top kids as follows (I provided links to stats for each guy):

1. Carlos Carrasco, rhp
2. Joe Savery, lhp
3. Kyle Drabek, rhp
4. Josh Outman, lhp
5. Travis d'Arnaud, c

Conspicuous by his absence from this list? Catcher Jason Jaramillo, the son of renowned hitting
guru, Rudy Jaramillo. Jaramillo could be on the roster this year, if the Phils incur injuries, and will likely be your 2010 starting catcher. A quick snapshot of Jaramillo's career is presented in this article from the Morning Call.

- Apparently, Lenny Dykstra's son, Cutter, is a pretty good player. Regardless of the kid's lineage and playing ability, the name "Cutter" is just ridiculously bad.

- The graphic below is from one of those silly little quizzes that linked that I couldn't resist. Based on a bunch of questions, the quiz determines which big leaguer you are most like. Apparently, I am "Matt Holiday"....which disappoints me greatly:

Find out Which Major Leaguer Are You at!

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