Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Post-Labor Day Musings

- I need a vacation from my labor day weekend. Between the family BBQs and Fantasy Football drafts (3 of them on consecutive days), I'm spent.

- Speaking of Fantasy Football, a couple of observations from the 3 drafts I participated in:

1.) Nobody trusts Earnest Graham to be a big time back yet;
2.) Nobody trusts Eli Manning, despite winning a Super Bowl;
3.) During a draft, it's always easy to tell the guys that don't know the NFL very well, as they almost always fall back to take someone from their favorite team when they are stuck. I love being in leagues with these people.
4.) I had one draft where LaDainian Tomlinson fell to the 6th pick. No one could believe it, but the first 6 in that draft went: 1.)AP, 2.) Westbrook, 3.) Brady, 4.) Moss, 5.) Romo, 6.) Tomlinson.

And no, no one was drunk (at least at that point).

Eagles preview stuff all week starting later today/tonite

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