Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phils Rally Planned for Tomorrow

The City of Philadelphia will hold a rally for the Fightin' Phils tomorrow at Noon at Dilworth Plaza.

If you're thinking of going, it's going to be a nice crisp, Fall day tomorrow:


dAndy ManCandy said...

You guys can rally all you want, but my monopoly money is on the Rays. I'm not a fan even though I live in Florida, but I have to pull for the team that is trying to go from worst to first any day.

JohnDewar said...

dandy: Most Phils fans know that most of America is rooting for the Rays. I'll be doing a post on that sentiment tomorrow.

dAndy ManCandy said...

Well then you gotta love being the reverse underdog. Rooting for the team or teams that everybody hates is great too. Unless those teams you are pulling for happen to be the Red Sox or the Patriots, then you are just an ass muncher.