Monday, October 06, 2008

Westbrook Has Broken Ribs

If I could take back that headline, I surely would, but according to the Eagles' official website, Brian Westbrook has two fractured ribs that he sustained in the game on Sunday and I find it very hard to believe that he won't be out for the forseeable future.


dAndy ManCandy said...

There are tons of fantasy owners curled up in the fetal position right now over this. WB carried me last year and I almost drafted him first pick this year because he is a beast. Guess I dodged a bullet, but my team sucks ass cheese either way.

JohnDewar said...

As the Eagles have a bye after this week, they may try to squeak by this week without him and try to get him back after their bye week.

That would be 3 full weeks of rest, so hopefully, that's enough healing time.

If the Eagles need Westbrook to win this week against the Niners, they aren't good enough anyway.