Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 Draft: The Eagles pick....

NOBODY! NO ONE! Because, clearly, a team as fine as this one that was in last place in the NFC East doesn't need any help from the NFL draft. Obviously, they weren't paying attention to the Giants, who got to the Super Bowl with a lot of help from their rookies. They must not understand that the Cowboys have added a bunch of immensely talented players to their roster in the last 48 hours between obtaining Pacman Jones and todays draft.

If there is a trophy to be handed out for out smarting yourself in the draft, the Eagles are the clear front runner in this draft.

The Eagles traded out of their first round pick, trading it to Carolina for Carolina's first round pick next year, plus two more (a 2nd and 4th round) this year.

On top of this trade, they traded out of their first pick of the second round with Minnesota and received Minnesota's 2nd and 4th round pick.

Unless there is another shoe to drop here, the Eagles' front office has some serious explaining to do.

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