Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Flyers/Phils Give Me Carpal Tunnel

Switching back and forth between Flyers and Sixers is hard enough. But at least both of those sports move at predictable intervals. But the other choice tonite, other than the Flyers, is your Phightin' Phils.

Baseball? No clock....but lots of stoppages. Dangerous, because it's easy to miss stuff when you try to play off of each sport's stoppages. The "Last" button on my remote control may not make it through the night. With the help of Miller Lite, I have successfully navigated things to this point.

As of 8:25pm, I've seen both Flyer goals (Hartnell and Carter) and the homer that CMH (that's Colbert Michael Hamels to you) gave up to Ryan Zimmerman. This means I've seen everything worth seeing so far tonite (except the Cote-Laracque fight, which I'm SURE the pensblog boys will have up shortly).

More later......

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