Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Phils Spoil Mets 2008 Opener

If you are a Phils fan and you were watching this game on Gamecast like I was, you certainly weren't pleased with the state of things after 6 innings. But fortunately, the play 9 innings in baseball, and the Phils tacked up 5 runs in the 7th and 8th inning, which was good enough for a 5 - 2 victory. In winning, the Phils took a dump on the last home opener in Shea Stadium history.

Lots of kudos to go around in this affair....Jamie Moyer going 6 innings, giving up only 2 runs comes to mind. The old man, after a rough first outing, came up big, keeping the Mets at arms length until the bats woke up.

But it was the MVP, Jimmy Rollins, who once again keyed the comeback, with singles in both the 7th and 8th inning that eventually led to runs. Rollins continues to come up big in big spots this season, but he did, unfortunately, incur an ankle injury when he was on the basepaths in the 8th inning. Reports are mixed as to his status today. On ESPN 950 yesterday on the way home from work, it was reported that Rollins walked with a noticeable limp and will ice the ankle down see if he can play on it today. The story on the Phillies MLB page has Jimmy Rollins not limping at all after the game. So who knows what to believe about the extent of the injury.

I can't believe it's too bad....from what I understand, when Rollins did it, he caught his cleat in the dirt going back into 2nd base on a play. He was healthy enough to eventually score a run in the 8th inning, so I'm not so sure how bad it really is, but the big fear I have is that it will linger all year.

Also of note:

- Chase Utley got hit 3 times in the game with a pitched ball. He got hit a fourth time while running the bases. You can't make this shit up. David Wright should not dig in at the plate for the rest of the series.

- Ryan Howard's average after this game: .179.

- Thankfully, no day game today to impede work productivity: Kyle Kendrick (1 - 0) goes tonite at 7:10pm for the Phils against Mike Pelfrey.
Photo from (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

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