Friday, April 04, 2008

Everyone Is Playing Tonite

Tonite could set a record for for most remote controls broken, most beers drank, and/or most divorces initiated during the course of TV sports watching. Playoff lives will be given or taken away tonite.

Three of the four local professional sports teams are in action tonite.....all at the same time! My head is going to explode thinking about it.

The lone slacker of the local teams, the NFL Eagles, claim there is such thing as an "off-season", which I guess is a time when no one plays football games. I say "bullshit".....typical lazy, overpaid athletes is what they are.

The Phils vs. Reds 7:10pm

The Phils managed to avoid the ignominy of getting swept by the Nats and scored a come-from-behind 8 - 7 win on a walk-off walk by Jayson Werth in the bottom of the 10th inning. The real credit for the game winning run goes to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino. Rollins, hitless at that point of the game, led off the 10th with an infield singe. Victorino then sacrificed, but Jimmy Rollins managed to race all the way to third on the play. This put the Nats in a big hole, as they then decided to intentionally walk both Utley and Howard to load the bases with 1 out for Jayson Werth. Werth took 4 straight balls and the first victory of 2008 was clinched.

Chris Coste hit his first homer of the year earlier in the contest and the bullpen managed tp pitch 6 1/3 innings of 1-run ball to aid in the win.

The Phils will now be in Cincy tonite for the first of a 4 game set.....KK vs. Josh Fogg at 7:10 on CN8.

Flyers vs. Devils 7pm

As of this writing, the Flyers are in the 9th spot in the Eastern conference, which puts them out of the playoffs. They desperately need this win to keep pace or else they'll be playing golf this time next week.

Playing the Devils will prove a daunting task as they've only beaten them once this season and have, in general, not looked good against their rival from North Jersey.

Mike Knuble, on the Flyers web site today, is asking fans to get to the game early to gain some home ice advantage. I'm always a little cynical when a professional athlete spends any time worrying what the fans are or are not doing. If the players are focused and well-prepared and concentrating on what they're doing, the fans and their demeanor generally takes care of itself

Regardless, I would imagine that Marty Biron will be in net tonite, however, don't be surprised if Stevens' pet Niitty is between the pipes. The local tabloids are suspiciously mum on who the goalie will be in the biggest game of the year to date.

Hostilities start at 7pm on CSN.

Sixers vs. Hawks 7:30pm

The upstart 76ers can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Atlanta Hawks tonite down in Atlanta. The Hawks, themselves, can be considered upstarts at this point as they are also pushing for their first playoff berth in what seems like since I was in high school and Dominique Wilkins was still playing.

So, even if the Flyers choke up their playoff spot, at the least Wachovia center will not be dark this spring. This Sixers season continues to amaze all Philly sports watchers as they are now tied for the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference.

The last time the Sixers faced the Hawks, back in February, the Sixers lost by a score of 96 - 91 and that was before the Hawks had Mike Bibby. In that game in February, Josh Smith blocked 9 friggin' shots. Nine shots! If the Sixers want that playoff spot tonite, they'll have to earn it.

Tip-off is at 7:30pm on CW-Philly 57.

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