Monday, June 16, 2008

From the Weekend....


Phils finished their road trip a respectable 5 - 4, but it could have been much better. They lost 3 1-run games on the trip (including dropping 2 1-run games to the Cards alone) and they could have very easily run and hid from the rest of the division.

As it is, they start a 6 game homestand, with 3 games against the Red Sox and 3 games against the Angels. They will need, at least, a split of the 6 games against these teams, who are two of the elite teams in the AL.

The first 3 games of the homestand will be a proctologist's dream, as a flood of assholes in Red Sox gear will invade Citizens Bank Ballpark. There probably won't be the fan animosity you would see in a series with, say, the Mets, but with this many opposing fans horning in on our ballpark, don't expect peace and harmony, either. Hopefully, Murph and Sully will be on their best behavior.

US Open

I don't really care about following golf on television, which to me, seems as boring as an insurance seminar. But I am certainly rooting against Tiger Woods in his playoff today. Honestly, what does this guy have left to prove? Hasn't he, by all standards in life, won? He's got the great house, the hot Swedish nanny wife, the world class golf game, and all the money in the world. Honestly, what else is left? What more does he need and how many yachts can this guy water ski behind?

Father's Day

Hope everyone had a great Father's day. The wife and I took our son to the Ocean City boardwalk for rides and water ice. Tremendous day of watching my 2 year old smile and laugh his way through some of the kiddie rides.

Weird thing I saw on the boardwalk yesterday: An older, grown man in a Cleveland Cavaliers Eric Snow jersey. Of all of the players whose jersey you would want on the Cavs, would Snow be your first choice? Just weird....

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