Monday, June 02, 2008

Quick Thoughts from the Weekend

- First place Phils! After yesterday's come from behind win, the Phils are back in first, with the Cincinnati Bruce's, er, I mean, Reds, coming to town for 4 games. Hoping to get to my first game of the year this week. I'm working on my "by the numbers" article for the month of May right now (ready by tomorrow AM, I hope), and let's just say the Phils' starting rotation hasn't been that much of a help in the past month.

- It's official. We have a Celtics-Lakers final. Thanks for nothing, Kevin McHale and Chris Wallace.

- Stayed up on Saturday to watch Kimbo Slice and that other guy fight. It was the first time I actually made an effort to watch an MMA event. One word review: YAWN!

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