Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Man Moyer Manhandles Marlins

His birth certificate says he's 45, but Jamie Moyer pitched last night like he's significantly younger. Moyer's pitching led the Phils to a 3 - 0 win last night, avoiding a sweep against the upstart Marlins.

Moyer was masterful as he took a no-hitter into the 6th inning of last night's game against the Marlins. A single off of the bat of the opposing starting pitcher Scott Olson (of all people) ended the no-hit bid. All in all, Moyer only gave up two hits and struck 3 in 8 innings before giving way to Brad Lidge, who notched his 18th save of the season. I can't imagine how fast it must have seemed Lidge was throwing last night after looking at the array of slop and change ups from Moyer for 8 innings.

Offensively, the Phils benefitted from Marlins' defensive miscues when Matt Treanor threw away a ball, retrieved after a wild pitch, into the Phillies dugout, allowing 2 runs to score. It would turn out that would be all Moyer needed, who incidentally, also notched a base hit.

From Miami, the Phils travel to St. Louis to start a 3 game series against the Redbirds. KK vs. Wellenmeyer at 8:15pm on CSN-TV.

Did you Notice?

- Couldn't watch the game at home (my central air is down), so went to a bar to catch the action. Ended up at Kaminsky's in Cherry Hill (after a false start elsewhere) and I heartily recommend it. I'd been there in the past to watch ballgames but I always remembered the place as dark and not terribly fun to hang out in. They've seemingly done a bunch of renovations in the last few years and the place looks great and the deck was fairly crowded as they had live music.

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