Monday, July 21, 2008

From the Weekend

- The Phillies continue to make life on themselves difficult. Sure, yesterday's game was close, but they desperately needed a series win within their division. This series against the Mets this week will be intense, and they will be throwing Brett Myers right from the minors and into this series. Yes, I am concerned.

- Another of the Eagles' divisonal rivals got better over the weekend. This time, it was the Redskins, who traded for Jason Taylor. Yes, I am concerned.

- Because of the soaring temps yesterday, I took my son to the Flyers' rookie "scrimmage" yesterday as it was held in an air conditioned hockey rink. BORING! They didn't actually scrimmage, so much as just do drills for the session I attended. I enjoyed the air conditioning, but I essentially wasted my time. My son, however, enjoyed the arcade area.

- As of this AM, I'm still on child care duties, but I should have a book review later in keeping with the start of NFL training camp.

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