Thursday, July 10, 2008

Work: It Just Gets In the Way

No post on last night's Phils win from this AM for me.

I had an early work meeting that was held during the time I normally drink coffee and put together my post for the day on whatever Philly sports item is on my mind or what I watched the night before. And by "early work meeting", I mean, at a time before people normally get into work as part of their daily routine.

I mean, early work meetings happen. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. But this particular meeting was going to be 2 hours long and didn't really directly involve me so much as I was needed to be there to peripherally understand the process. Fine. It sucks, but.....fine, whatever. I have mouths to feed.

What's worse is that the reason we had the meetings to begin with was for the benefit of one individual, who didn't bother to show up until we were an hour into the meeting. What's even worse, is that this individual was rumored to be going out with one our vendor's last night on one of those dinners where they get us drunk and try to sell us something new.

I mean, this was an early morning meeting. A bunch of people (me included) altered their daily routine to make this meeting.

So chances are, this guy was probably late because he was probably (allegedly) hungover. Real fucking professional.

[bangs head against desk slowly]

So, tonite, I'll fight the urge to drink myself stupid contemplating why other people suck and have a decent post.

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