Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Myers Sent to AAA

Brett Myers, in a stunning move, has agreed to be demoted to the Phillies' AAA affiliate Lehigh Valley.

Myers, who has been nothing short of terrible this season, will continue to be used as a starter at Lehigh Valley. No word on whether any will be called up in his place, but it appears as if Cole Hamels will be moved up to take Myers' start.

This is a real good move that you didn't hear alot about because it was probably never considered a serious option since the player himself had to agree to the move. Not many proven players would agree to such a move and it speaks well for Myers that he agreed to it.

I think it will help Myers to hear a voice other than that of Rich Dubee, who has apparently been unable to straighten Myers out.

No word on how long Myers will be down with the IronPigs......also no word on who will be called up to start in Myers' spot in the rotation. My guess is it would be Happ, who is currently leading the IL in strikeouts.

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