Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid-Week Eagles Camp Report - 7/30/2008

Been on the Phils so much, wanted to get a quick post in on the Eagles.

Apparently, it gets a bit on the stuffy side in Lehigh in July.

Free agent acquisition Chris Clemons, who, no doubt, is not used to actually being forced to do physical activity in training camp after spending last season with the Raiders, was sent to the hospital yesterday for heat exhaustion.

Maybe his wallet is weighing him down after signing in the off-season for 5 years/$18.5 million dollars.

Other Eagle Camp News:

- This is a few days old, but Victor Abiramiri dislocated a bone in his right hand on Sunday. He is probably out for at least half of the season, with pins in his hand and maybe more.

- Nobody knows what the hell is up with All-Pro guard Shawn Andrews, who still hasn't shown up to camp as of this writing. Honestly, if Eagle fans want to get worked up over something, get worked up over the whereabouts of Shawn Andrews. He is considered one of the top two or three at his position in the entire league. Hopefully, whatever his problem is, it's not too bad. And I further hope that he's staying away from the buffet lines.

Photo: (SCOTT ANDERSON / Courier-Post)

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