Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andre Miller Dazzles Mavs; Peter Forsberg Concerns

Andre Miller led the Sixers last night to a 84-76 wins over the Dallas Mavericks last night in one of the most satisfying wins of the season for the Sixers. He was truly dominant in this game as his poked and prodded his way through Dallas' defense en route to 21 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds.

The cynic in me could say that the Mavs played the night before this game; they were perhaps tired. Or that maybe Andre Miller was putting on an audition for the point guard needy Dallas Mavericks.

I think the cynic in me, while right alot of the time, is wrong on this occasion.

When the Sixers are going poorly, they drop these types of games, whether the opposition played last night or not. And as for Miller, the NBA's co-player of the week, he's put up these types of numbers before and he's been nothing, if not consistent, for the Sixers. Seeing these performances makes me wish we had him a few years ago to put next to Allen Iverson.

I'm sure Miller would like to be playing for a contender (who wouldn't?), but I'm not even sure that Dallas is a good fit, trade-wise for the Sixers. I'm sure there is some NBA dork out there who plays with the NBA trade machine on ESPN.com who could find a good trade suitor for Miller's services, but I'm pretty sure Dallas isn't it.

Regardless of any cynical questions, this was a real good win for this young team.

Tell Me Again: Why do the Flyers Need Peter Forsberg?

Look, I'm all in favor of trying to make the hockey team better. I know how moribund the offense has been lately.

But really: Do we need to go through this whole Peter Forsberg "thing" again?
The way I see it, the following are reasons that GM Paul Holmgren should tell Forsberg's agent that the Flyers aren't:

1.) You've committed 20 years and $121 million dollars for Danny Briere and Mike Richards to be your number 1 and 2 centers. Now, we want to throw a 35 year old Peter Forsberg in the mix? Which of these huge investments do we now want to move out of position? Is the plan to put Forsberg with a grouping of 3rd line pluggers and trade away Jeff Carter? Please tell me that's not the plan, because I am so not on board with it.

2.) Do we really need to have to wonder every time this guy skates off of the ice whether or not his foot is sitting in his boot properly? Is it that we'd like to revisit the whole transglobal trek he took last year to find the proper boot insert? Don't we, as Flyers fans, already know too much about skate boot technology? Do we not already know where the skate boot experts are?

3.) At 35 years old, will he even be what he was the first year here with the Flyers? Unless he is juicing or superhuman, I don't think so.

4.) Last I checked, the Flyers could use another a puck moving presence on the blueline, and MAYBE, a cheap, veteran rental player who can score a little bit to play with Jeff Carter, not an aging Swedish diva.

If Forsberg does come over here, I hope I'm wrong, because the Flyers definitely have some holes right now and I'm hoping that whatever Forsberg does have left, he can at least help mask those holes. But as it stands right now, I don't think Peter Forsberg is right for what ails this Flyers team.

Update: This video, courtesy of Hockeybuzz.com, does not change my mind, but Foppa looks like he's moving pretty good:

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