Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flyers Stand Pat; Myers Tabbed for Opening Day

The Flyers stood pat on the day of the NHL trade deadline. I mostly agree with the non-moves; this team isn't ready for a big run such that they can give up young assets for a handful full of promises from pending unrestricted free agents like Marian Hossa or even Brian Campbell. The only way it would have made sense is if they had guarentees that they could sign the players in question, and I think both guys are content to go into free agency this summer.

The Flyers did lose a player yesterday, technically speaking. Brian Boucher, playing down with the Phantoms on what was only an AHL contract, was allowed to sign an NHL contract with San Jose. Good for Boucher for getting back to the big leagues and good for Paul Holmgren for giving him an opportunity. I thought that Boosh was ready for a return to the NHL based off of his AHL performance this year and thought he'd be a good backup to Biron, such that you could include Niitty in a deal, but apparently that was not to be.

By the way: bold move by Pittsburgh, in picking up Marian Hossa. They have to be the odds on favorite to win the East at this point, although they have huge defensive holes.

Brett Myers: Phillies' Opening Day Starter

Once again, Brett Myers will be the Phillies' opening day starter. I like this move for several reasons; not the least of which is that the Phillies hustled Myers into embracing the closer role last year when a lot of young starting pitchers might have told the Phillies to go screw themselves. The Phillies are a better team with Brett Myers in the starting rotation, period.

(Picture from the; Len Redkoles/Getty Images)

The Sixers

The Sixers haven't played since last weekend, but will face Orlando at home tonite.

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