Monday, February 04, 2008

Did The Giants Win the Super Bowl?

I know I had a little bit to drink last night, but I could swear that the Giants won the Super Bowl.

Wait.....that actually happened?

Eli was the MVP? Really? It's all over the internet, so it must be true.

Apparently, Eli Manning has won the Super Bowl. Not only did he win the Super Bowl, but he was the MVP.


I am hoping that, somehow, this win knocks some sense into Andy Reid and the Eagle intelligentsia. I mean, this Giants team is not as good as the 2004 Eagle team that lost to New England. But they are the ones with the ring and I'm the one with a web site where I bitch about not having won a championship since I was 12.


Does this mean we have to stop calling Eli "Fredo"?

Obligatory McNabb Rumor

Donovan McNabb's name surfaced over the weekend in rumors and it probably won't be for the final time. Rumor has it that the Baltimore Ravens would be interested in trading for Donovan McNabb. Not terribly surprising, since former Eagle special teams coach John Harbaugh is now the coach of the Ravens.
The only way dealing McNabb makes any sense whatsoever for the Eagles is if they get back the Ravens' 8th overall pick and at least one starter (preferably, a defensive starter). Otherwise, it just makes sense for the Eagles to make (at least) one more run at it this year with McNabb at the helm.

Flyers Stuff

Good rumors from the most underrated writer in Philly, Chuck Gormley. Apparently, the Flyers are doing some scouting and Gormley believes a trade may involve either Mike Knuble, Sami Kapanen, and Scottie Upshall.
Most likely to go? Scottie Upshall. Don't get the feeling that John Stevens likes him very much as Upshall plays somewhat sparingly anymore. Upshall is young, cheap and needs to be a top 6 forward to suceed. Upshall is not a top 6 forward on this team as currently constituted; especially in a scenario where Peter Forsberg is concerned.

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