Friday, February 01, 2008

Flyers shutout; Kick fans in groin

So, I go to the Flyers game and they get shut out? By a guy named Stephen Valiquette.

Really? Stephen Valiquette?

Holy crap, I wish someone could have warned me. I would have sold these tickets for some ridiculously overinflated rate.

The Flyers lost by a score of 4 - 0 in a game, where, frankly, they deserved to get shut out by someone named Stephen Valiquette. Antero Niitymaki started for the Flyers and played horribly. After giving up 2 quick goals in the first few minutes of the 2nd period, John Stevens mercifully gave him the hook. Not sure how you rationalize giving Nitty another start for awhile. He was brutal, but I'm sure you'll see him shortly becuase of his pet status with Stevens. If this were Biron, Stevens would bury him for about a week.

Calling the Flyers' offensive attack anemic would be an insult to anemic people. It was pathetic. Please someone call Simon Gagne and tell him someone is skating around the ice with his jersey number on, because I'm not terribly certain that the person in the jersey is Simon Gagne. He is playing like a guy looking not to get hurt, which is precisely what happens to guys who play not to get hurt.

So, is that all it took? Simply one day of Peter Forsberg rumors for these guys to play as if Forsberg were on the team and not on the ice, but rather in Montreal or Stockholm, to talk to the skate whisperer or something ridiculous like that?

It is sort of difficult to hang this game on any one player, with all of them sucking and everything, but Jim Vandermeer, did manage to distinguish himself with a -3. They'll try and erase the memory of this horrible game on Saturday against the Ducks.

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