Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sixers Win 5th Straight

The Surging Sixers continued their winning ways, pummelling the hapless Memphis Grizzlies by a score of 102 - 88. Andre Iguodala led the Sixers with 29 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds in a dominating performance. According to the Sixers website, this winning streak is the longest since the end of last year, where they won 7 straight (from 2/26/07-3/10/07).

Andre Miller also played a significant hand in this win, chipping in 14 points and 11 assists. He was mentioned in trade rumors in the print edition of Sports Illustrated this week (I'll include a link once I find the same online rumor) as perhaps going to Cleveland. Not sure how feasible that is, as I'm not sure what Cleveland would give us back that we would want.

Speaking of point guards, would it be such a horrible thing if, somehow, the Sixers could get Memphis' Kyle Lowry somehow to be an understudy for Andre Miller. Always loved Lowry's game at Villanova. Lowry had 6 assists for the Grizz in the losing effort.

Last night also marked the return of Marc Iavaroni to the Philadelphia area. Iavaroni was the 5th starter on the Sixers' 1983 Championship team, a team near and dear to me personally (and the name sake of my little Keebler tree on the internet). Phil Jasner wrote a nice article about Iavaroni and how he was integrated into that team, which had already been through the wars (and lost). The thing I always remember about Iavaroni is that he enabled Bobby Jones to come off of the bench (mentioned in Jasner's article) and also the way PA announcer Dave Zinkoff always drug out the Iavaroni's last name when he scored or announced him as part of the starting lineup. Now, "Zink" had that distinctive style that he applied to everyone's name, but I guess Zink's style lent itself more to an Italian surname. I wish I could track down a wav file or something, Zink pronounced his name something like "EYE-A-VA-ROWWWWWWWWW-NI", loudly enunciating each and every syllable. The stuff you remember from your childhood can be just weird.

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