Monday, January 28, 2008

And So It Begins....

This week marks the official start of putting Super Bowl hype into overdrive. I confess I am somewhat of an expert at ignoring this crap. If you already (obsessively?) follow sports on a daily basis on the internet, through podcasts, etc., there is not one single angle to the Super Bowl that you don't already know.

I will confess, however, that I am a sucker for those media day stories; the jackass quotient of the media involved goes through the roof on that day. Super Bowl media day is the orgiastic day where every dickweed with a media pass gets to ask inane questions of grown men staged in football jerseys, who clearly would rather be out trying to bang Gisele's sister. There is always a story of the one media type who, intentionally or otherwise, asks the dumbest fucking question imaginable.

Media day also brought to the American vernacular the question "How long have you been a black quarterback?". You'll recall that this was allegedly asked of Doug Williams during the run up to Super Bowl 22. Again - if you know anything about the internet - you'll know this is really an urban legend debunked by Any event or happening that facilitated the need for to look into it can't be all bad.

Naturally, I can't wait for this event to occur. Otherwise, the rest of the week is a huge waste of time, unless someone gets arrested for propositioning a hooker (which could happen because this article builds up this week to be the woodstock for paid sex workers - link via

The only other real piece of Super Bowl business that I personally have this week is to decide who I'm rooting for. This year, that is easy. As an Eagle fan, there is no fucking way I can rationalize rooting for the New York Giants. Now or ever. I definitely feel dirty rooting for the Patriots. They are a loathesome group, with the Machiavellian Bill Belichick and his perfect stepford team that only Ira Levin could be proud of. But, the evils of the Perfect Pats winning another Super Bowl outweighs what would occur should the Giants win the game. Raw, uncut obnoxiousness would just pump out of New York and North Jersey at such a high rate as it would probably blot out the sun and bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

I'd hate to see the end of civilization, what with NHL playoffs coming up and the Flyers having such a good shot this year. So, I guess this means I'm rooting for the Patriots.

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