Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sixers FINALLY WIN!; Harbaugh to Baltimore?

The local NBA team finally won a game last night, beating the Houston Rockets down in Houston by a score of 111-107, and in doing so, finally won their first game of the new year. The Sixers were led by Andre Miller, who had 26 points on 10 of 18 shooting to go with 6 assists. Just as important was the type of all-around game displayed by Lou Williams last night. Williams, who has shown numerous flashes of brilliance in his game, scored 18 points off the bench, shooting 7 for 13. In addition to shooting it well, he dished 6 assists and played great defense, collecting 3 steals, including a big time steal-and-breakaway to bring the Sixers within 3 in the fourth quarter.

This game comes on the heels of a solid effort in a loss the other night to San Antonio and it provided a much needed reward for the undertalented Sixers, who seem to play real hard, but have lately gone unrewarded. They play a slumping Celtic team this Friday in Boston.

Around the internet, some bloggers have some good stuff on the Sixers:

- Great interview with GM Ed Stefanski by "Depressed Fan" (via
- Nice little introduction to Thaddeus Young, whom everyone seems to like so far.

Harbaugh to Baltimore?

Apparently, since Jason Garrett left the Ravens complex after his job interview without the job in hand, it is thought by the Baltimore Sun that if Garrett turns down the job, that Eagles assistant John Harbaugh will almost certainly get an offer (that I would imagine he would accept). According to the article, every offer Garrett has received has been countered by Jerry Jones and I imagine Jones has designs on making Garrett his head coach in-waiting as Wade Phillips is not getting any younger or thinner. Losing an energetic guy like Harbaugh will be a blow to the Eagle organization as I'm not sure there are any real up-and-coming coaches on this staff that you could say could step in and be a credible head coaching candidate tomorrow. That includes both coordinators, by the way.

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