Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eagles Officials Jumping Ship?

Two members of the Eagles intelligentsia have been looking to open the next chapter of their respective careers.

Tom Heckert, the titular GM of the Eagles, is interviewing with the Atlanta Falcons about their vacant GM position. This is a good move for Heckert; he's done his time with Andy Reid having final say over personnel. Heckert would probably like this power so that can he can really make his bones as a GM in this league. Unfortunately, Heckert's leaving would put a newbie in the position of GM of the Eagles, and give Andy Reid another guy to run roughshod over with respect to personnel decisions. I don't think losing Heckert would be a huge loss, but at least he had experience in the job such that he probably felt comfortable with some level of constructive conflict with Reid. I'm not in love with how they've handled the draft in the last couple of years, but I never considered Heckert to be the main problem with the draft. Expect more uncertainty and misuse of the draft going forward from the Eagles, with or without Tom Heckert.

The other member of the Eagles staff interviewing for a new gig is secondary coach John Harbaugh, who is interviewing for the Baltimore Ravens job. While Harbaugh, mostly a special teams coach with the Eagles, probably isn't quite ready for a head coaching gig, he isn't any less ready than Reid was when he took the Eagles job. At the very least, Harbaugh is positioning himself to leave the Eagles nest to become a defensive coordinator somewhere else, with the thought of becoming a future head coach. Harbaugh is young and energetic and would a big loss for the Eagles.

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