Friday, January 04, 2008

Public Service: Recommended TV This Weekend

As the Iggles are not in this year's playoff picture, I'd submit the following TV watching agenda for your approval for all viewing starting this evening:

Friday, January 4th:

Tonite is sort of obvious.

The Flyers play the Devils in NJ at 7pm on CSN.

What to look for: See if Steve Downie takes a shot at Martin Brodeur!

The Sixers play the Lakers on CSN following the hockey game.

What to look for: The game's in LA, so there will be plenty of big shots at courtside. Check out this game to see if the star of CaddyShack 2, Dyan Cannon, will be present at the game.

Saturday, January 5th:

US Army High School Football All-Star Game 1pm on NBC and the ESPNU High School All-Star Game at 2pm on ABC.

Depending on how your college and pro football rooting interest, you could be watching the following in these games:

1.) The guys that will all spurn Penn State for Michigan and Ohio State

2.) The guys that Andy Reid will draft and ultimately, cut, during training camp.

Washington at Seattle 4:30pm on NBC.

This is arguably the most boring playoff matchup of the weekend and I couldn't care less who wins as long as it's not Washington. I'll probably watch if for no other reason that football is a finite entity at this point of the year.

Alternatives: Louisville/Kentucky on CBS at 4pm....a classic college basketball matchup and totally acceptable to watch as we are now past Christmas and college basketball begins to actually matter.

Flyers at Maple Leafs 7pm on CSN.

Always a good matchup. The Leafs' main pest, Darcy Tucker, is always much more feisty at home than he is on the road, perhaps to impress those fine ladies north of the border. Probably won't watch this whole game in it's entirety, because you'll want to watch the 8pm football game. You should catch the first period and you'll want this in your "previous channel" queue so you can flip back and forth.

Jaguars at Steelers 8pm on NBC.

A definite must-watch, if for no other reason, than to be armed with facts to taunt any loser friends of yours who happened to be Steeler fans when the Steelers get their lunch handed to them in this matchup. I, unfortunately, have a lot of these Steeler fans in my life and I hate everyone of them as they all feel as if they are personally responsible for all 5 Steeler championships. Fuck them, their championships, their gay mascot, and their shitty Iron City beer.

During stoppages, flip back and forth between this game and the Flyers game. Maybe Coatsey's Corner will teach us how to sharpen skate blades again.

Sunday, January 5th

Pittsburgh at Villanova Noon on WPHL (old channel 17)

Again, good opportunity to start following college hoops and another opportunity to root against a Pittsburgh sports team (such as "Pitt" is a sports entity). Keep in "last channel" queue to check in on during stoppages during the 1pm football game.

New York Giants at Tampa Bay 1pm on Fox

An easy one for any Eagle fan. You're rooting for former homeboys Jeff Garcia and Jon Gruden against the Giants, an inferior team that plays for a city that couldn't really care as much about football as they do about baseball. The Giants don't deserve playoff success while the Eagles are out of the playoffs. Fuck the Giants, their fans, and their stadium that's not even in New York, but in North Jersey (an equally reprehensible zip code).

Tennessee Titans at San Diego 4:30pm on CBS

I like Jeff Fisher as a coach, but hate Vince Young as a quarterback. It was fun to watch the guy who drafted Vince Young with a high pick in my fantasy league cry watching VY's performance this year. I hope San Diego wins, if only because they would be a stronger potential opponent for New England down the road. The entire focus of my rooting interests this year will be to root against New England winning the Super Bowl. I realize that this is not a unique idea, but I couldn't care less. The Boston sports fans have been spoiled long enough. Time for the Pats to go down and for Kevin Garnett to blow out both knees.

Be Careful!: This game has blow-out potential according to some pundits, so I've also dug up alternate programming to flip to during this game should it get as ugly as everyone thinks:

5:30pm: CSN: "Beyond the Glory"....the topic according to Sex and Sports. Um, you have my attention.

5:30pm: FCS (channel 264 on Comcast if you have the premium sports package): A replay of the 1994 Washington University vs. Miami Hurricanes, where the 'Canes' 58 game home winning streak ended. The height of the Hurricane's thuggeration should be on full display in this game....a college football fans' delight.

6pm: Encore (channel 158 on Comcast in South Jersey): "The Buddy Holly" story. This is the movie that gave Gary Busey a ton of acclaim and it's obviously before he started heavily abusing drugs.

Sixers at Nuggets 8pm on CSN.

Watch Allen Iverson learn to pass the ball strictly out of spite for Sixers fans. Seriously, if Iverson jacks up less than 25 shots in this game and drops less than 35 in this one, I'll be sorely disappointed.

There you have it. I've planned out your entire TV watching weekend. Now go out, buy beer, and run those annoying errands so your wife won't bother you.

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