Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions - Philly Style

Happy New Year! Hopefully, you made it home with your criminal records unblemished and your hangover today isn't so bad.

The making of New Year's resolutions is as time honored of a tradition as is the breaking of the same resolutions sometime by the end of January. In the spirit of self-improvement and change, I have a few suggestions for some of Philadelphia's athletic warriors:

Lou Williams - G, Sixers: Less Allen Iverson in your game; more Andre Miller.

Ed Stefanski - GM, Sixers: Vow not to waste cap space and give bad contracts. Are the Sixers done paying Matt Geiger yet?

Andy Reid - Coach, Eagles: Learn that running the ball is OK and that an elite receiver could be useful.

Donovan McNabb - QB, Eagles: Learn to not care what people think.
Jimmy Rollins - SS, Phillies: Vow not to hit the rubber chicken circuit too hard as MVP. It cost Ryan Howard some focus at the beginnning of last season; let's hope it doesn't happen to JRoll.

Cole Hamels - P, Phillies: Learn to not speak to the media when feeling especially truthful.

John Stevens - Coach, Flyers: Learn to shake up lines when things aren't going well. I think Stevens, as an ex-player, can be a bit too empathetic with the players and needs to learn that shaking things up when things aren't going well is his job despite whether or not the players like it.

Simon Gagne - LW, Flyers: Vow to protect self on the ice from further concussions. Would hate to lose a player of his caliber at such a young age to post-concussive syndrome.

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