Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sixers Lose; Clarkie Likes the Rough Stuff

The Sixers lost again last night, this time to Toronto by a score of 109 - 96. The game was a 2-point game at half-time until Toronto turned things up a notch in the 3rd quarter and ran away with it. The Raptors shot an astounding 55% (43 for 78) in a game where the Sixers were spread out and promptly dissected. Willie Green had 18 points to lead the Sixers.

Who Woke Up Bobby Clarke?

Since stepping down from his GM duties, Bob Clarke has been doing some TV work with TSN, which is the Canadian version of ESPN (Huh? a sports channel like ESPN that actually cares about hockey? Perish the thought...).

Well, Clarke created quite a little shit storm in Canada with his latest remarks on the TSN show "Off the Record" where he essentially endorsed the Steve Downie act of aggression against Jason Blake that shook the sovereign nation of Canada to it's very core:

"When he went after Blake, I loved it," Clarke told TSN.

Playing in just his fourth NHL game since serving a 20-game suspension
for a pre-season hit on Ottawa's Dean McAmmond, Downie punched Blake in the face
while the Leafs' winger was being held by an official.

"Blake was a guy who had no problem going out and saying (Downie) should be
suspended for life or suspended for the year," he explained, referring to
Blake's reaction last September to the McAmmond incident. "When you say
something that stupid, why shouldn't this kid go after him for it?"

Clarke even went on to criticize Colin Campbell for the 20 game suspension he laid on Downie earlier this season:

"My own personal feelings is that Colin Campbell overreacted," he said
regarding the 20-game suspension.

Wow, did someone take a piss in Clarke's oatmeal? I don't mind the fire at all, but where was this verve at the very end of his GM tenure? Also, since he's still a member of the Flyers organization (Senior VP), I can't help but wonder how Holmgren feels about his predecessor taking a front and center role in the press like this.....that is, unless, this was an organizationally mandated press maneuver designed to take some heat off of Downie and the rest of the Flyers, as the team is definitely playing tentatively in some ways (for fear of drawing penalties), which could account for the fact that this team gives up so many shots.

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