Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NHL Kisses Penguin Ass Again!

According to the fine writers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (possibly the biggest homers you'll ever read), goon Georges Laraque will not be suspended for his hit on Steve Downie again. Personally, I think Colin Campbell has fallen asleep this year. He went out of his way to screw over and stigmatize Steve Downie with an (unwarranted) 20 game suspension and now he doesn't suspend an obvious goon for what was an obvious boarding call. There is little doubt that had a Flyer player committed the same offense, a Flyer would have been suspended.

I am waiting the NHL to order Detroit to give Pittsburgh one of their goaltenders, because...y'know....Pittsburgh doesn't have a good one. I mean, it's only fair that the league make sure Pittsburgh is well-stocked with talent and is able to keep the team in a market that doesn't adequately support the team.

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